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The Necronomicon

This game is a mixture of RPG + Farm + tower defense.
The game is made in a retro-style graphics.
You will play as the Dark lord who lives in the one cemetery. Good characters will come to kill you. Defend yourself as you can! Upgrade your tower! Create the protection of different creatures and powerful spells. Gather resources and loot powerful spells.

I will complement various upgrades and mobs and spells.

To buy or build something, pleas double tap on menu button.

Tips for beginners


Invest gold in zombie graves they produce resources
We need a blood in the game. Build the grave of skeletons. They produce blood.

The battle.

Build a grave over another grave. Then open all the cells for the construction of units.
Build the grave of a vampire. They produce a spell.
Build more sites for the construction of units.
Use a spells

I hope you will enjoy it!

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Nice game, but not new idea. Another monster farming sim, however this is a cute execution of it. Money/blood/crystal drop ratio does not match money/blood/crystal buy-requirements ratio. By the time you have enough blood and crystals to better feidns, you are broke in the money category, due to the continual need for zombies. love the sprites. Looking forward to the updates.